Safety first! Do not try to save your money on braking system for your bicycle. Invest in the highest quality, durable and efficient Ashima rotors. You can purchase them online at a great price - visit MC Sport store and choose the size and version you need. Also, pick other bicycle accessories from the offer.

MC Sport
Jaracza 33/35,
90-259 Łódź, Łódzkie
509 706 700

Elegance and comfort are at your disposal at one of the best spots in the city. Don Prestige Residence is a hotel in Poznan located in the city center, close to old market square, international fairs and other business and leisure centers. Choose one of 73 air-conditioned, skillfully designed rooms and book it today!

Don Prestige Residence
Św. Marcin 2,
61-803 Poznan, wielkopolskie
618 590 590

Are you planning a visit in the capital of Poland? Do you like to travel comfortably on your own? Then visit the website of a leading Warsaw rent a car. The company has prepared very diverse, rich and highly flexible offer, which includes rental of vehicles of different class and different makes. You can pick economy class or choose to travel by the most luxurious limousine. The choice is yours! There is also a possibility to hire a vehicle with a driver.

Langego 8 / 97,
02-685 Warszawa, mazowieckie
518 733 492

Make that important moment of your lives as magical and amazing as it can be - and let Alexandra Jakubowska take pictures of your happiness. As you can see on the website, her approach towards wedding photography is unique and captures the atmosphere of the day. Contact her today in Hamilton and book amazing marriage pictures!

Aleksandra J Wedding Photography
2300 Saddlecreek Crescent,
L6M 5J6 Oakville, Ontario
476 391 568

Remember the day you and your husband became marriage through amazing pictures taken by Tomasz S. His wedding photography skills make each picture truly unique. He focuses on emotions of bride, groom and their guests and captures all the love and happiness. Visit the website to check his portfolio and contact him in Richmond Hill, Toronto.

Planning a corporate event and want to make it the most elegant, exquisite and tasteful? Chocolate logos are a perfect way to highlight your brand's status and success. Skilfully created by Barbara Luijckx confectionery experts, they will surely meet your expectations. Visit the website to create it in three simple steps!

Barbara Luijckx sp. z o. o.
Latkowo 40,
88-100 Inowrocław, kujawsko-pomorskie
523 580 700

Reliable electrical accessories designed to be used in diverse environment: from shopping malls up to the most demanding industrial facilities. ZPUE has developed a low voltage switchboard, which can be configured quite freely according to your requirements(it consist of independent modules). Visit the website for more information.

Jędrzejowska 79c,
29-100 Włoszczowa, świętokrzyskie
413 881 000

Professional laboratory weighing equipment available in a complete range of models. RADWAG has prepared pharmacy scales and other laboratory balances, which meet the highest standards of reliability and repeatability of the tests. What is more, they have user-friendly menu which makes your research and work simpler and faster.

19599 NE 10th Ave.,
33179 North Miami Beach,
13 056 513 522

Visit the company website to check the full offer of the accounting company from Poland. Pretios has years of experience and hire a team of experts in the area of HR, payroll, preparation of various financial documentation (including income statements, statements for GUS), maintaining records for VAT purposes and more. The details are on the website.

Marii Grzegorzewskiej 1,
70-733 Szczecin, zachodniopomorskie
914 632 025

Choose the most reliable, resistant construction machinery for your company to ensure efficient, safe and comfortable work. Dressta has prepared a wide range of bulldozers designed for different tasks. From smaller, more versatile models up to the most powerful, largest and heaviest equipment. See the details.

Wide range of solutions and products for the construction sector, created by Forbuild company, includes as well advanced sealing systems. The category consists of swell and sealing bands, mats along with insulating sheet steel. One of the most interesting solution is the injection option. Check their advantages!

Forbuild S.A.
ul. Górna 2a,
26-200 Końskie, świętokrzyskie
413 751 347

Build the visual identity of your company from the scratch or simply improve its effectiveness with WARMAX experts. The company is known for the comprehensiveness of their services, which include creating advertising signs, channel letters, LED display light boxes as well as website design and other services. Contact them for more details.

If you train Innn fencing or combat sport, that’s for sure you’d be interested Fencing gear. In our unique website, you will find a lot of information regarding fencing, and make purchases in our online store. If you are interested in a professional fencing training equipment, you go to and make purchases!

SPES Historical Fencing Gear
Gen. Józefa Bema,
87-100 Toruń, kujawsko-pomorskie
534 862 321

Experience and quality of each advertising and practical item are the advantages of Frogut's offer. In the group of polythene bags manufacturers the company is one of the leading one, offering the most diverse offer of environmentally-friendly products. You can also print on the plastic to promote your brand or products.

Drużynowa 8,
02-590 Warszawa, mazowieckie
225 417 000

Designed to provide proper stimulation for mouth, cheek, tongue and other areas which need to be addressed during speech therapy. The oral motor tools as well as dysphagia products and other solutions included in the offer were thoroughly tested. They have proven their effectiveness and safety for children but are used by adult customers of PJ Therapeutic as well.

PJ Therapeutic
Chodkiewicza 5,
43-600 Jaworzno, śląskie
797 171 989

If you are interested in reenactments of XIV-XVth century life and battles, you will surely find the most interesting male and female clothing and accessories on the website. Online Medieval Market is the place where you can purchase a gambeson, full padded sleeves, quilted bonet and other arming garments.

Designed to work in petroleum, chemical and other industries, the tanks are manufactured from solid materials and according to the strictest quality standards. Niwa is a well-known pressure vessel manufacturer, which supplies its products to a wide range of facilities on domestic and international market.

Przedsiębiorstwo Usługowo-Produkcyjno-Handlowe NIWA J.J. Niwa Spółka Jawna
Robotnicza 38,
39-100 Ropczyce, podkarpackie
172 218 423

Cribs, cradles, cots along with other products designed and manufactured by one of the best children companies in the world. Baby Accessories UK online shop has prepared unique Moses basket bedding sets, which will perfectly fit in with even the most sophisticated bedroom as well as will provide the newborn with the highest comfort it needs.

Baby Accessories UK
Poznańska 82,
76-200 Słupsk, pomorskie
889 320 905

Employed in waste processing stations, food industry, water-cleaning stations, sewage management facilities and numerous others. Spomasz Wronki offers reliable and efficient dewatering centrifuges chosen by a number of industrial facilities around the world. Optimum operation can be achieved through adjustment of drum rotatiins, overflow radius and other parameters.

Spomasz Wronki Grupa SFPI Sp. z o.o.
Powstańców Wlkp. 23,
64-510 Wronki, Wielkopolska
672 540 561
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